Invisalign and Fruit-Infused-Water: Sugars Okay??

I know we're not supposed to drink sugary drinks while using invisalign... but how about fruit infused water? How much sugar is absorbed in the water? I have trouble making myself drink enough water and like flavored waters - so I was wondering about this natural alternative with just water and some fresh fruit in an infuser/pitcher? Thanks

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Sugar and Invisalign

The bacteria that cause cavities don't care if the sugar is high fructose corn syrup or from fresh fruit. So, nothing but water when aligners are in.

Dr. Sue Wendling

Portland Dentist
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What can you drink with InvisAlign

In general, leave your aligners in when you drink and most things are okay...have yet to see a cavity along the edge of an aligner even with poor hygiene. With fruit infused water, watch out for excessive acidity which might make you prone to excess enamel wear during toothbrushing (abrasion) and sensitivity.

Robert Penning, DMD
Toronto Dentist

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