Invisalign for Extreme Overcrowding and Overbite?

Would it work? Is it possible. I think I have extreme overcrowding and overbite (because of which my gums and teeth have become very unhealthy) Would invisalign work for me? If not, then would something else work. I am 23 and not willing to wear braces though.

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Invisalign is not great for extreme cases

Mild and moderate cases are more ideal for Invisalign.  While Invisalign COULD work here, the length of time to get it done is likely MUCH longer than traditional braces would take, and likely cost more as well.  A consultation with an experienced orthodontist would be best for you.

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Severe overcrowding and deep overbite

With Invisalign it is possible to treat severe cases of crowding. They only look severe because the teeth have overerupted creating a deep overbite. It will take about 15 months and most times without extractions.

We have been reducing overbites for over 7 years now and Invisalign is an excellent method.

By using the back teeth to retain the aligners, the front teeth can be pushed back down and also into a wider circle, thereby reducing the crowding.


Raj Kumar, BDS, LDSRCS
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Invisalign is best at mild to moderate cases

Your case appears to have severe lower crowding, a significant overjet, and an extreme deep bite.   It is important to realize that although Invisalign might be able to make some improvement, it is unlikely it can be used to treat your case to the standards our profession and the specialty of orthodontics have established.  In severe cases, we are limited by how much movement can be achieved.  Fixed braces, at least on the lower teeth, will likely achieve a better and more predictable result.

Doug Depew, DMD
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Invisalign may work to correct crowded teeth!

Yes, Invisalign may be a good choice for correction of crowded teeth. And it may work to correct an "overbite". However, when the goal is to correct both an overbite and tooth crowding simultaneously, there may be a limit to how successful Invisalign will be. it is possible that conventional braces will be a better choice for a complex problem such as your pictures show.

Be sure to discuss with your orthodontist not just whether the teeth can be moved with Invisalign but also if the amount of movement required will be acceptable in terms of future gum and bone support for the teeth, will result in tooth positon that will not reslapse with time, and will give you the best possible smile appearance.  

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
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Invisalign for extremely crowded teeth

Yes, it is posible to try with invisalign.

Be prepared to spend  quite a few  months even years wearing  aligners. You wil definite  need refinements in the process.

Antoaneta Barba, DDS
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Invisalign can work extremely well for severe crowding and overbite.

Using Invisalign we have successfully treated many cases of extreme crowding and overbite in our office. From what I can see in the photos provided this would take about a year or so, but  of course a dentist treating your case with Invisalign would have to see you and do a more in depth evaluation.  Because Invisalign is a relatively new technology the expertise of dentists utilizing it will vary greatly.  I suggest you find a dentist who say he has treated cases like yours. Also part of your treatment should include getting your gums healthy. 

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