Is It Possible to Start Invisalign Again After Quitting with No Additonal Cost?

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Yes you can restart Invisalign but...

It must be with the same dentist who started the case. You may be able to start where you ended but sometimes going back to aligner #1 or 2 is needed. Going to a new dentist requires a whole new fee MOST of the time...Dr Thomas

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Ready, set, GO!

If you are still with the same dentist and it is within the alloted time that ALIGN allows for a procedure to be completed, you can order refinement aligner trays at NO cost. They understand that 'things' come up in life and people get married, have babies, get sick, lose aligners, get bored, etc.  So they allow a few sets of aligners to be made AFTER treatment is completed or still in progress.

If you are changing the treatment objectives, especially if you had significant dental work done, then there may be a mid-course correction set of trays made and there WOULD be a fee for that.

Randall LaFrom, DDS
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Restarting Invisalign

Sorry you fell of the Invisalign wagon. It works well if you are consistent. If the trays were saved, it would be possible to start over with the first tray (aligner) at minimal additional cost. The majority of the cost is in the manufacturing of the aligners. Good luck.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
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Fees for Invisalign will vary from office to office

If you change providers to start over, I would think it difficult to find someone to do it at no charge.  Odds are that if treatment starts over with the SAME provider, there would be SOME kind of fee.  If much time has passed, then the teeth are not likely where they were previously, and the aligners likely won't work.

I would suggest NOT starting over unless you are sure you can commit to complete the treatment.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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Starting invisalign after quitting will most likely require a fee

It is most likely that starting up invisalign after quitting will have an additional fee.  Depending on how long you have quit will influence the cost. Invisalign cases are only good for a certain period of time (about 2 and 1/2 year after start date but varies) and then they expire and require an entirely new case submittal to start again.  If it has been less than that time period and your case is still active, then it is possible the fee will be less.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist
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