Intracel for Skin Tightening & Anti Aging; How Effective is It at £795 Per Treatment?

At 44 my jaw line is started to slacken a little and I am loosing a little definition in this region and feel like my lower half of my face is getting that 'down mouth look'.My doctor advises Intracel for skin tightening but I can't find much info on the benefits of anti ageing / skin tightening only acne scarring. He can't provide any before and after pics as it's a new treatment in the practice there does'nt seem to be much info on Real Self either for anti ageing only acne scarring, any advice?

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Ulthera may be preferable

Southchurch: In my opinion, Ulthera may be preferable for nonsurgical "tightening", given that you are relatively young.  Although I'm still relatively "new" in my Ultherapy practice, facial skin tightening and presumably collagen production is more rapidly seen in the following: thicker, darker complected individuals, men and younger patients. Good luck. 

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