Can Intense Pulsed Light Remove a Large Becker's Nevus from my Back?

i hav had 5 treatments with medlite laser and no results so my derm is going to use ipl will i get any results ?

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Will IPL remove a large Becker's Nevus from the back?

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Becker's Nevus is a birthmark that has a number of different components: the superficial component has brown hyperpigmentation and hair; the dermal component is a smooth muscle hamartoma (a benign gowth of normal components but arranged abnormally or in an abnormal place).

To answer your question, IPL can potentially help with the surface pigmentation and the hair but will not do anything with the smooth muscle component of the Becker's Nevus.

Since the Becker's Nevus is a benign lesion, it is really the cosmetic comonent that is of concern to patients.  I would recommend that you do a test spot to see how the nevus will respond to the IPL.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

IPL for a Becker's Nevus

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The Becker's nevus has several different components. In the epidermis, there is pigmentation that may be targeted by IPL. There is also often hair growth as well that can be targeted with IPL. Deeper in the skin (the dermis) there are smooth muscle cells that cannot be targeted by IPL.  So it is possible that you may see some  improvement. I would not sign up for a package , I would try a single treatment and be very observant as to whether it lightens and any progress is made before committing to mulitple treatments... good luck.

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist

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