Can an Injury to Cheekbone/orbit Result in a Deviated Septum over Time? Help!

I injured my left cheekbone three years ago and currently waiting on further investigation. My septum seems to be deviating increasingly to the right of late. Would the injury to the cheekbone have caused this (it was likely a fracture) seems a lot more crooked than it was before the accident. I am 28 and am having a lot of sinus issues and worried.

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Deviated septum from injury

The mechanism of injury associated with cheekbone/orbit injuries can cause a septal fracture and deviation.  A deviated septum can contribute to poor aeration and drainage from your sinuses that can be related to your sinus issues.  You should see a facial plastic surgeon or otolaryngologist to assess your septum and sinuses to see if you would benefit from a septoplasty and possible sinus surgery, or if other issues are contributing to the problems you are having.

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Cheekbone fracture and deviated septum

 The septum could have been fractured and  be deviated from the original injury when the cheekbone was fractured. The septum would not become deviated anytime after the initial trauma. There are multiple other causes of nasal obstruction on the inside of the nose such as a valve collapse, vestibular stenosis, turbinate hypertrophy, allergies that should all be in a dressed time of examination and consultation.

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Deviated septum from injury

Dear e4862,

  • You could have dislodged the septum during the initial injury, but the mechanism does not really matter at this far out
  • If you feel like your breathing through your nose is getting worse, please schedule an appointment so you can be evaluated
  • Your sinus issues can also be addressed, and they may be more related to the cheekbone fracture, not the deviated septum

Best regards,

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