Role of Nasal Splint in Septoplasty?

finally i underwent septoplasty with turbinate reduction. My surgeon told it is very difficult case among his previous 2000 took nearly 3 hrs. Post op period uneventful. I had intranasal splint at the 4th POD. The splint is bothering me so much with severe headache. Is there any definitive proved evidence for splint. Can i ve any alternative other than this......

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The are many reasons for a splint after septal surgery.  Most splint don't cause a lot of pain.  Splints help prevent scarring and keep the post-operative swelling down.  If the splint is that painful, see your surgeon.  I may have shifted posteriorly causing worse pain than usual.  Godd luck!

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Splints in septoplasty

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  • Dear vinuchandran,
  • The splints are probably placed there for healing purposes
  • They should only stay in for a week, occasionally 2 weeks if the surgery was very difficult
  • There is no proven evidence for the splints, but that doesn't mean anything because its purpose is to keep scars from forming inside the nose

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Nima Shemirani

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Spint in Septoplasty

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I do not know the details of your surgery to be able to definitively say what was necessary.  In our practice, we have not used septal splints in routine septoplasty and have not found a difference in complication rate.  Therefore, we only place soft plastic sheets in patients who have septal perforations or scarring from previous surgery.  These help prevent formation of scars in the nose and help protect a delicate septum.  As a result, I do not place septal splints on routine septal surgeries.

Angela Sturm, MD
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Role of nasal splint after septoplasty

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Septal splint can be helpful in preventing scar bands after septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Splint are are also helpful in cases where the caudal septum (portion near the nostrils) was rebuilt and requires additional temporary support after surgery.

I don't routinely use septal splints but in some situations they can be quite helpful. They don't normally cause very much discomfort so you may want to have your surgeon check things out if you're concerned.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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