I Am Indian and Had Ipl 7 Weeks Ago I Have Been Left with Hypopigmentation Will This Return Normal?

I have since spoke to a dermatologist who has recommended fraxel restore dual is this the way to go. When I had the ipl treatment my arms were more tanned then my legs so my arms look worse. Please note treatment was done by a beautician and not a doctor which since reading up on this I now feel stupid for.

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Hypopigmentation from IPL

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Sigh, I'm sorry. Unfortunately, the short answer is "no" hypopigmentation doesn't resolve. Because in essence the pigment has been removed from there, and you cannot get it back. You can try to have further IPL (from a doctor's office only!!) to lighten the skin around the very hypopigmented areas and try to blend some of the marks, but you cannot get the pigment back no matter what you do. I'm assuming the dermatologist who wants to do Fraxel on you wants to do it for this reason - to blend the current stark contrasted skin areas. The only other option would be to have each hypopigmented area tattooed with permanent cosmetics, but you will need to see someone who has extensive experience doing just this type of work - not everyone is good at it! This is, unfortunately, one of the very sad things that happen when people do treatments they have no business doing, and you're going to suffer the results of this forever. I'm so sorry.

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