I had got the peel 2 days back but don't see any result - neither my skin got red not even sight pink. is it working?

I got the peel... probably 50% it was for 4 mins. I dont see any pink color or red patches after the peel. Its been 2 days now. My skin isnt flaking too.. is it really working?

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Peel results

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You don't say what type of peel but I guess it was glycolic acid. 4 minutes is too short to get a good result and this peel is done in a series--usually 1  a week for 6 weeks

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I had got the peel 2 days back but don't see any result - neither my skin got red not even sight pink. is it working?

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Thanks for your query. It is not necessary for the peeling to happen in all skin types. The peels work well even by not visible peeling, there is a micro peeling which occurs with every peel. Chemical peels have to be taken in succession to get the best results. One peel is generally not enough to show results. There are various peels available so it generally depends upon the peels to. 4 min is a decent time for the peel to act. You should visit again after 15-20 days and get a peel done again. Hope it helps.

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Peeling after a peel

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Thanks for your question. Peels vary in strength and depth of penetration, even the same percentage can be different- so a 50% unbuffered peel is stronger than a 50% buffered. In darker skin types the redness can be hard to see. Sometimes peeling does not occur until a handful of days later and sometimes it is so fine it is difficult to see although stronger Peels tend to produce a reaction similar to a post sunburn peel in terms of appearance. Also thicker and more oily skin types may need more than one peel to see effect- the first one might just clear some dead skin cells layer, then the second one can go deeper and result in the visible peeling. Your best course is to speak with the person who performed the service to get your question addressed.
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