No indentation in belly button after tummy tuck and large circular scar. Would a revision create a normal looking belly button?

I'm six weeks out from my tummy tuck am aware that I have to wait to see the true finished product. However, I'm very concerned about the appearance of my belly button. My doctor says that because I had a severe umbilical hernia he did the best he could with the remnants of my original belly button. He says maybe a revision using a purse strings procedure would help down the road. Is it possible to achieve an innie and eliminate this glaring sign that I've had a tummy tuck?

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Bellybutton revision

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Thank you for your picture. Revision of a bellybutton can be difficult especially if you've had hernia surgeries previously around or through your belly button. I believe the problem to be that you have around opening for your belly button. And women I typically give them a diamond shape or narrow valley opening that is contoured with their body. You would have to come in for a evaluation to determine the best method to change the shape of your bellybutton through local surgery.

Good luck.

Earl Stephenson M.D D.D.S. FACS

Umbilical Reshaping after Tummy Tuck

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You have lost the attachment of the stack of the belly button. This can be brought back down and reattached to the abdominal fascia to recreate an innie fairly successfully. I would wait until at least three months after the original tummy tuck before proceeding with this type of umbilicoplasty.

No indentation in belly button after tummy tuck and large circular scar. Would a revision create a normal looking belly button?

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Allow 3 months healing than umbilical reconstruction is possible but very difficult to achieve. I have done this in 4 cases in over 30 years of surgery... 

Can be sorted out by surgery

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I understand your concerns. It is normal to have an inverted belly button following a tummy tuck surgery. But since you have had an umblical hernia repair simultaneously it is difficult to give it an inverted look to it as the base of the umbilicus is non existant. Therefore it flattens out. Your doc is telling you the right thing. Just wait a bit and he should be able to invert down by a small procedure. Dont worry. Till then keep it covered! 

Biraj Panchal, MBBS, MS, MCh
India Plastic Surgeon

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