How important is massaging Radiesse into my hand after injection and why?

I have had radiesse injected for the first time into my hands. I am happy with the results but the doctor said to massage my hands twice during the night. I am worried now about how long and why I need to massage them. He was quite casual about it but will the outcome be dependent on my massaging? Thank you

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Massaging & Radiesse Hand Rejuvenation

The main reason we would encourage massaging the hands after Radiesse® hand rejuvenation treatment is to help to smooth out bumps that form after the injections are administered. The massaging helps to make sure that the depressed portions on the back of the hand are adequately covered by the Radiesse® solution, so the veins and tendons appear less noticeably. Personally this is something that I do for each patient during treatment (it’s a one-time necessity) to not only ensure sufficient coverage but also so each patient can return to their regular schedules and not have to worry about this after they’ve left my office.

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How important is massaging #Radiesse into my hand after injection and why?

In areas where the skin is thin and there is very little subcutaneous tissue, such as on the hands, I like to massage the Radiesse in an attempt to make it as even as possible.  I don't know that it has to be done this way but I'm more comfortable with that approach.
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Massage after radiesse

I typically do not ask my patients to massage down the Radiesse after I inject it but I do a lot of massage during my treatment session.

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Massaging of hands after Radiesse

After injecting Radiesse into hands, I normally massage the hands myself to help distribute the product evenly throughout the area.  I normally do not have patients do this afterwards but it should not cause any problems.  Your physician just prefers to have patients massage afterwards.  It is just a matter of personal preference.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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