How long does hand fat transfer last?

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Fat Graft Retention in the Hands

Your question is a good one and the reality is no one nows for sure as it has never been studied long-term. Short-term results (6 months to a year) shows good fat retention stability in the hands but what happens five or ten years later as one ages can not be said with certainty. In theory, fat transfer (after it has settled into the final retained volume) should be permanent but few fat areas in the body are completely stable throughout one's lifetime.

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Fat transfer

Fat transfer, will last long time. Some of the fat will absorb, the remaining fat will last.

There are many experienced plastic surgeons in Boston who perform fat transfer.

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How long does fat transfer last

Theoretically it lasts forever as it is a graft and if the transferred tissue survives it should not dissipate. I recommend you seek out a board certified plastic surgeon so that they may examine you and give you a proper assessment.

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