How to get rid of fibrosis tissue after liposuction?

I am now almost 7 months post op following aggressive lipo and bbl in DR. Despite following all the instructions and still havig regular massage, my abdomen is still firm and lumpy. I am desperate to get rid of this even if I need to pay more. What is the most effective method?

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Scar After Liposuction

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I agree with below.  steroid injections +/- 5FU along with radiofrequency (velashape or venus legacy) treatments can really help.  Sometimes an additional procedure to subcision or break apart the scars is needed and should be considered but only by going to a body contouring expert who treats a lot of revision cases.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Hidef liposuction revision in Los Angeles

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We use a Hidef liposuction revision protocol that includes fibrous release, fat grafting, PRP SC, and lipocavitation to help reduce scarring from botched liposuction. 


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Post lipo fribrosis

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consider injection of 5fu and kenalog
deep ultrasound massage
may need scar release or subcision
please contact your doctor

Ofer Rodriguez, DO
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May be very difficult

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At seven months, it is unlikely that you will see any substantial change with either time, massage or secondary non-surgical treatments. 

Of the non-surgical options, Venus Freeze may offer some help, but keep expectations reasonable. 

It comes down to your current diagnosis.

If it's from uneven lipo, then a revision may help. Sometimes selective fat grafting can help. If it's simply due to excessive lipo, then it becomes more difficult. Sometimes patients who would have done better with a tummy tuck can benefit greatly by having a tummy tuck after Lipo.  

We do almost exclusively liposuction, and your complaint is something we see as second opinions fairly often.

We use no needles, scalpels or sutures. The technology comes from Smart Lipo, using Tickle Lipo and the Cynosure laser with routinely high patient satisfaction. 

A physical exam is needed to give an accurate recommendation.

I hope that helps.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.

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Scarring after laser assisted liposuction may be irreversible.

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At seven months there still may be some residual swelling after aggressive liposuction. Did you have liposuction assisted by a laser or ultrasound? This can create thermal damage that may be permanent.

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