ibraces Vs. Invisalign

an ortho i was looking at advertises ibraces (lingual braces). can i use ibraces as effectively as invisalign for shifting some moderately crrooked lower teeth?

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Both Invisalign and iBraces might work

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Depending on the experience of the clinician and the situation presented, one method may work better than the other. It would be best to have a consultation with the office that advertises iBraces and see what they suggest.

Everything works, but some work quicker or more easily than others. You might find that iBraces would work very well for you.

Lingual Braces Give Your Orthodontist More Control

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Not only are lingual braces just as effective as Invisalign, they actually give your orthodontist more control over the outcome of your final result than Invisalign. I use both and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Invisalign doesn't have wires and brackets, but some patients just don't like having their teeth encased in plastic 24/7. There is also the issue of compliance with Invisalign. If you don't wear them, they don't work at all. Lingual braces, combined with Suresmile CAD/CAM technology, gives your orthodontist complete control over your case from beginning to end. Lingual braces allow more complex movements and there are no compliance issues. I agree with the other doctor in this thread that recommended that you see an orthdontist who uses both. Then you'll get an unbiased opinion about what is best for your individual situation. Good luck!

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

Consult an orthodontist who offers both Invisalign and. ibraces

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First, you need to answer the question whether your teeth can be moved with invisalign, or will braces only do the job, Invisible braces work well, if invisalign will not do the trick. I would consult with an orthodontist who does both procedures. If you can achieve the same results with invisalign, I would go with it. The aligners are removable and you can floss and clean your teeth and better hygiene prevents gum disease and decay. Also, there is less wear and damage to the enamel than with ibraces. Hope this helps!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

IBraces (now known as Incognito) really work and are truly invisible

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As an experienced user of both Invisalign and iBraces, I can tell you that iBraces work quite well on cases in which Invisalign aligners may struggle to acheive an ideal result. The main reason is that they are attached to the teeth and so can move a tooth efficiently in any direction. The second reason they work so well is that, like Inivisalign, they are custom made for each patient following a prescription specified by the treating doctor.

IBraces are truly invisible when you smile, because they are behind your teeth. One large improvement over prior versions of lingual braces is that they have a lower profile or prominence from the teeth, so that tongue irritation, is not as big of an issue. After an initial break-in period, most people get used to them quickly.

Depending on the level of crowding and the rest of your bite though, Invisalign can work quite well if you are willing to wear the aligners as instructed. A consultation with someone familiar with both techniques will be helpful.

Doug Depew, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

Ibraces vs Invisalign

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ibraces (i is for incognito) have metal brackets that are bonded to the inside (lingual/tongue) surface of the teeth. Because the brackets fit along the lingual surfaces of the teeth, they are designed to custom fit each patient. The lowers can be very uncomfortable because the brackets rub against the tongue causing soreness and on the upper teeth lingual brackets can interfere with how the teeth bite together, making it difficult to keep brackets bonded in place. You might need to see your dentist more frequently then you would with Invisalign, making it more inconvenient for you.

Invisalign is a series of smooth clear plastic trays that can be removed to eat, drink, brush and floss. They are more comfortable because there are no sharp metal brackets or wires involved. Both ibraces and Invisalign work well for crowded crooked teeth, you and your Dentist will need to evaluate which treatment is best for you.

Compare lingual braces to traditional braces

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Every situation is different. Certain movements are more predicatble than others when using Invisalign. The best way to answer this question is whether your teeth can be moved with Invisalgn or will require braces.

iBraces, now known as Incognito, is a type of lingual brace. When used by an experienced othodontist, there should be no difference in outcome between lingual and traditional braces.

With Incognito, expect a longer period of possible lisping, tongue irritation, and much higher cost as well. Many orthodontists will only do lingual braces on the upper teeth and use ceramic braces in the lower because a lot of patients have trouble with inside braces on the bottom.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

For Adults, Comfort is Everything

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In my experience, Adults do not want to be uncomfortable especially while wearing braces. Its hard enough for them to let alone acknowlege that they need braces in the first place. There is no doubt that both iBraces (lingual braces) and Invisalign have their limitations. No appliance system is perfect. With all things being equal, anything attached to the inside surface of your teeth is downright uncomfortable. In most cases, adults will choose speed and comfort over small advantages in appliance capabilities. In terms of comfort, Invisalign wins out hands down.

Matt T. Walton, DMD
Suwanee Orthodontist

Ibraces are uncomfortable!

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If you only have moderate crowding on your lowers then Invisalign is perfect for that and they are removeable so you can floss normally. The ibraces are bonded on and you cannot floss with them on thus leading to gum disease and bad breath. Also you could have enamel damage from the removal of the ibraces as opposed to no damage from the aligners. Your tongue will play with the lingual brackets and you could get a raw sore tongue from them. Tom Cruise and Woopi Goldberg tried them and ended up having them removed. Just saying!

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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