Do lingual braces work for impacted teeth? (photo)

I have an impacted canine tooth, and was told I would need to get braces to bring the adult tooth down (there is still a baby tooth there). I'm 20 years old and do not want braces, what other options do I have? Lingual seems like the best option, but I'm not sure if I'm eligible. Could I have the baby and adult tooth removed, then get lingual braces and an implant?

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Lingual Braces could work for you

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Hi, with an impacted canine, the best thing is to grab hold of it, either with normal braces on the outside, or lingual braces. Its more tricky doing it with linguals, but the process would be pretty much the same as normal braces. 

Another popular option is to have normal braces, but tooth coloured ones, so they are not so obvious. 

If you do not have an adult canine in the bone, then, it should be possible to have an implant, but if the adult tooth is there, then its much better just to move that tooth into the right position.

To have an implant in that position, then you would still need to remove the canine which is in the bone. 

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