Lingual braces or Invisalign for overcrowding and mild overlap?

Travelling to a foreign country to get the work done so just want to make sure I'm clear on my options. Top teeth: On the left side, my third tooth from the last got extracted when I was younger. My right maximally central incisor slightly overlaps my lateral incisor. Bottom teeth: Right mandibular lateral incisor stands behind the teeth surrounding it; which completely twists my right canine tooth. (using vocabulary I found online, I apologise if it's just more confusing >.<) Thank you!

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Lingual braces or invisalign® for crowding and overlap

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Based on your photos, lingual braces or invisalign® should be excellent options for your concerns.  If you are traveling a great distance for your treatment, Invisalign® may be the better option.  Tooth movements can be programed during the digital setup of your prescribed tooth movements with invisalign® to accommodate your travel schedule.  Problems that may arise with fixed orthodontic appliances may be difficult to address quickly and your treatment time may be prolonged.

I hope this information was helpful.

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