I Know That the Minimum for Laser Hair Removal is 5 Weeks, but How About if You Are Treating Different. Body Parts Lets Say?

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For hair removal, different body parts have different treatment times

The minimum isn't five weeks, as each part of the body does have different growth cycles, so yes, there are absolutely different time lengths in between for different treatment areas. If you treat too soon, you won't get any additional follicles treated, as only follicles in the anagen phase respond to laser hair removal. So, let's say for your legs, if a treatment is done every five weeks, but the leg hairs are actually in the anagen phase for a few months' time, then several of those treatments are pointless. A good office will tell you exactly when to treat each different area, as otherwise it's a waste of time and money!

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Timing for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Hi Amber,

The hair responds to the laser when it's in the "active" or anagen growth stage. Yes, depending on the area of the body, determines the length of time the follicle is in the anagen stage. On average, 30 to 45 days. The longer the hair, the longer it is in the anagen stage, the shorter the hair the shorter the anagen stage. Most offices use a standard 4 to 5 week time frame for consistency, but there is some leeway on either side of 5 weeks.


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Laser hair removal affects only hair that is in a growth phase

Hair follicles have 3 phases : growth (anagen which may last weeks to years depending on location) catagen ( the short transition at the end of growing) and telegenic ( the testing phase which may last days to months ). Hairs must be in the growing phase to be killed by a laser. So an interval of about 4 weeks gives long enough time for new growing hairs to be seen and for the killed hairs to fall out. After about 2 weeks any hair that can still be seen can be re-treated

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Treatment Intervals for Laser Hair Removal

Hi Amber,


Thanks for your question. I actually recommend spacing hair removal treatments by at least 6 weeks for the face and up to 8 weeks apart for underarms, legs, and bikini (and back for men). If someone is recommending 4 weeks apart, you may have recurrent hair growth even after 6 treatments. If spaced properly, you will definitely have a better longterm result. Best of luck!

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