Laser Burn?

i had laser hair removal around nipple area and when i got home i saw that skin got grayish-brown is some places. The largest burn is about 1 cm in diameter, and there are also two smaller ones. There was no blister and no pain. I am currently applying dexpantenolum on the area.I am worried that this may be 3 degree burn. Is the skin gonna heal on itself or do i need to see a specialist?

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Laser hair removal and grayish-brown spots

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You should return to the doctor's office so they can see the result, advise treatment, and adjust the settings next time.  Keep the areas moist with a product such as Aquaphor and avoid any sun exposure or tanning.

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Laser burn

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With any burn from a laser or light treatment it's necessary to keep the area moist. I would suggest you return to the office that treated you and see the physician who oversees the treatments. It will heal, but it will heal better if you see an expert who can advise you of what will be best in this situation.

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