How to Get Rid of Folliculitis on my Chest?

I have had it for the past two year. I have very fair skin with white hair so I don't think laser hair removal will work. I'm also for the most part no blemishes besides on my chest. I have tried: head and shoulders wash, wash from Dermatologist, baking soda, vinegar, multi anti fungal cream, clarisonic brush, gold bond powder and tons of acne creams nothing works. PLEASE help, it's embarrassing :(

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Folliculitis treatment

Dermatologists are usually quite skilled at treating folliculitis, though it can be a persistent and annoying condition.  Can try combination of e.g. Dalacin-T lotion twice daily and Tersaseptic wash when showering.

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A simple and effective treatment for folliculitis

One of my favorite, simple, and inexpensive treatments for folliculitis is benzoyl peroxide wash used in the shower. Try a 5 to 10% over the counter BP wash for 2 weeks. If you do not see improvement, you may need to see the derm for prescription strength topicals or even oral antibiotics. In a few circumstances, folliculitis may be fungal and thus would definitely need derm intervention.


I hope that helps :)

Mohiba Khan Tareen, MD
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