I Have Intrinsic Stains, Teeth Have a Grey Undertone. Is There ANYTHING That Will Help? Not Zoom. (photo)

I have tried the zoom procedure with no pain--thank goodness, but my teeth are still too yellow/grey. I cannot affort porcelain veneers, so that option is off the table. I long for white teeth since I have never had them,---even as a young child. At this point in time any improvement would be welcome. Also--any home kits that work???

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KoR Whitening

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The Zoom has conditioned the teeth, so the KoR process should work even BETTER.  This will be a larger investment of both time and money, but KoR WILL get your teeth as white as they CAN get. 


When looking for a provider, be CERTAIN they follow the protocol, as some offices have "streamlined" the method, but with poor results.  Insist on the protocol and you will get GREAT results.


Having said that, grey teeth do not respond to whitening as well as yellow teeth.  There will be a limit to how well this works.


Porcelain veneering is the most predictable and satisfactory procedure.

Try Kor Whitening Before Veneers

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Hi Badteeth....you want your teeth whitened. I would suggest you see a dentist who uses the Kor Whitening System.  There are two different procedures offered by Kor. The Max is the most popular and is in office whitening. It is deep bleaching and does a great job on most patients.  They also have a product called Max Ultra.  It is used to treat difficult cases such as stains or color caused by tetracycline, fluorodisis and geriatric problems as well as teeth that do not respond to other whitening systems.  You have an in office whitening at the beginning and a follow up with trays that are used nightly at home for 4 to 8 weeks followed another chairside whitening in the dental office.  I would try this whitening system first to see if it worked on your Natural Teeth, If you are not happy with the results, then I suggest you try a more invasive techinque such as gingivectomy and veneers. Always try to preserve your natural teeth. Once you do veneers, there is no going back!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Gray teeth from staining?

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When considering cosmetics don't take any short cuts!!! Veneers may not block out color well enough... Consider crowns but before doing that look at your gum tissue the length of each tooth is off. So first have the gum tissue trimmed and then veneers or crowns. Do it correctly or not at all you will just wast money and time and be unhappy consider Dental Fee plan or Care Credit to finc. your treatment over 6months to 5 yrs. Good Luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD     CEO Baystate Dental PC.

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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