I Am Having General Anesthesia Twice Next Week How Dangerous is It?

I'm having a cosmetic surgery , one liposuction on tuesday and jaw augmentation on friday. Is it okay to go under anesthesia twice like this? What is the minimal waiting gap period before my second anesthesia? Do advice, appreciated!

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Two anesthetics in one week is not dangerous in itself

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There really is no set waiting period between anesthetics.  As long as you are feeling generally up to it, there should not be a problem having another anesthetic in three days.  This of course is contingent on your not having any complications after the first surgery, which would be unusual after liposuction, and also that your blood loss from the liposuction is not excessive.  You would want to have the okay from both surgeons of course.

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General Anesthesia Twice in Three Days

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     I would defer on this to the recommendations of the anesthesiologist of the second procedure.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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