Dimples and Cellulite After Lipo...any Cure?

I'm 25 & had lipo on inner and top of thighs one yr ago for fat transfer to breasts. Since then I have small dimples and increased visibility of cellulite that was barely there, only if I pinched the skin. Now I look at my legs and it's much more obvious, especially when I run or flex my leg. I am muscular so it doesn't look good, I am not over weight at all. Are there any creams, vitamins, massage, ultrasound, I can do to get rid of the unevenness? I do NOT want Any corrective surgery. Thanks!

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Dimples after Liposuction and Nonsurgical Cure

   After one year, the dimpling is probably not going to improve by itself.  Unfortunately, there are no reliable nonsurgical methods to treat this.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Dents and dimples after liposuction

A side effect of fat harvesting for transfer, and liposuction itself are dents and irregularities. The pattern might look like cellulite though is probably small scars and adhesions where suctioning was peformed. Lymphatic massage and time will soften the denting as the scars mature. For the worst of them fat grafting into the dents can help. If you only suctioned your thigh for fat to transfer, bummer. Breast fat transfer can produce modest gains, so we hope the trade-off was a good one for you.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Cellulite after liposuction

Sorry to hear about your problem.  There is a new treatment for cellulite that appears to be very promising.  It is called Cellulaze and it is the first FDA approved one time only treatment for cellulite.  It is a procedure related to SmartLipo where a laser is inserted under the skin.  This laser is used to treat the three causes of cellulite: superficial fat lobules, thickened bands causing dimpling, and loss of skin elasticity.  There is data now showing that the results from one treatment are lasting 2-3 years.  If you truly have cellulite, Cellulaze may be your best option. All other options to treat cellulite require multiple treatments and only give temporary relief for the problem.  Find a Cellulaze surgeon near you to find out if you are a good candidate.  Good luck!

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Dimples and Cellulite After Lipo...any Cure?

The answer is YES, you can get rid of the unevenness. Although dimpling is always a possibility following liposuction, you can actually take measures to prevent it from happening.

These are the factors that could cause dimpling:

  • Extreme and/or frequent weight fluctuations – You should make the commitment to maintaining a stable weight following surgery.
  • Too much fat was removed during liposuction – Liposuction is not a weight loss tool and is more appropriate for small amounts of fat and contouring.
  • Uneven fat removal - Choose a skilled aesthetic plastic surgeon who knows how to remove fat evenly.
  • Presence of cellulite prior to liposuction
  • Degree of skin elasticity – Liposuction works best if your skin is elastic enough to contract and adhere to its new contours.
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Dr. Carlos Chacon

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Treatments for Dimples and Cellulite May Be Helpful

Thank you for your question.  Contour irregularities or dimples after liposuction happen in some patients whose skin tone is dimished or as a result of the procedure itself.  Usually, this dimpling improves postoperatively as the swelling of the remaining tisuues resolve and the scarring matures.  In some cases the dimpling is permanent. Nosurgical treatments include non invasiive devices that massage, suction, or heat the skin through light or radiofrequency energy or some combination thereof.  In the early postoperative periord some patients find lymphatic drainage massage moderately helpful,  There is scant supporting data to show that these treatments work much beyond providing temporary improvement.  Creams and vitamins are probably in the same category.  Once this problem arises, your options  include accepting the result if possible in less severe instances, surgical skin tightening in very severe cases, and touch-up liposuction with fat transfer in intermediate cases.  An in person consultation would help to determine which course of treatment is most appropriate for your dilemna. 

George Bitar, MD
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