Can I Use Retin-a on Fresh Liposuction Scars?

I just had my stitches taken out for a liposuction procedure. I currently use retin-a .04% micro for acne scars on my face with good results. I've read on here that retin-a works on scars but didn't see anything about recent, day old scars. thanks

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Retin A on Fresh Scars

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I recommend you use another product on these new scars. You can try scar treatments, such as silicone cream or sheeting. These help improve the appearance of the scar.  

Retin-A for scars?

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If your liposuction incisions are still pretty new, often they will be red and will settle down on their own.  If you have concerns, as your surgeon.

Retin A not the choice for liposuction scars

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You use the retin A for acne, though not to improve the existing scars in the cheeks. Topical tretinoin (retin A) is not a scar cream, though there are others on the market that are. Let your liposuction scars heal for four weeks, and then use Mederma or other proven products you can find.

Retin-A for Liposuction Scars

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  I would not advise using Retin-A on recent liposuction scars that have just had sutures removed.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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