I Got Braces to Correct an Underbite but my Lower Jaw Still Juts Forward. Initially Jaw Surgery Was Recommended? (photo)

...and now I regret not taking the surgery as now my profile looks very much like the one in the picture. What could be my options to achieve a more attractive side profile and particularly fix the jutting chin?

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Underbite...what to do

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Only two real options for your profile

1. reverse your bite into a true underbite then surgically move your lower jaw back

2. leave your bite corrected (i assume your bite has been fixed) and then just have a less involved chin reduction surgery

Saint Louis Orthodontist

Orthopedic v. orthodontic discrepancy

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U really need complete Orthodontic records to accurately diagnose your exact situation. However, from "your" profile photo it does appear your issue IS Orthopedic primarily and Orthodontic secondarily. Once u are certain there is no growth left, confirm by hand radiograph OR older than 16 female then u need to explore surgical options. If it is your bite as well, then Ortho and jaw surgery, if JUST your chin you

could see a plastic or oral and maxillofacial surgeon for a reduction genioplasty.


Good luck!

Randy M. Feldman, DDS
Tampa Orthodontist

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