Is Hypopigmenation After a Chemical Peel Permanent?

I had a medium peel a month ago on a scar/ hyperpigmentation after having a tattoo removed by laser. The skin is now very pale, and I am worried this is permanent. I have Indian skin, and I have also tanned skin. Is there anything I can do such as have laser treatment?

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No, the hypopigmentation is only temporary

The hypopigmentation is only temporary. be sure to use a sunscreen and don't irritate the area. the color comes back slowly over 3-6 months so be patient. if after awhile you start seeing a little darker spots coming , then you need to use a bleaching cream so the hyperpigmentation you started with doesn't return.

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Hypopigmentation after a Chemical Peel

Hi there-

Hypopigmentation occurs as a result of the depletion of melanin that occurs in some patients and with some peels, and unfortunately cannot be reversed.  

Depending on where the affected skin is located I recommend having a consultation with someone experienced in Intradermal Pigmentation for scars (Permanent Make-up) that could possibly tattoo pigment back into the skin.  

Prior to seeking further treatment though, I would consider waiting another month or two to see if the ski color becomes more even with time.


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New Non-ablative Fractional 1540 Erbium laser can help scar hypopigmentation

Hypopigmentation following tatoo removal and skin peeloing is usually permanent.

New fractional non-ablative 1540 Erbium laser scar treatments can improve pigmentation in hypopigmented scars.

Three to four treatments are required at 6 week intervals.

This should get better

Hypopigmentation from a chemical peel about a month ago is a little early for permanent hypopigmentation. This condition can and usually shows up months later. If this is permanent there are some special treatment light systems that can help with bringing back the pigmentation. But these do not always completely help the pigmentation. Some others have attempted skin grafts with siginificant recovery and problems. I would wait to do anything extreme. I would consider topical skin medications to possibly cut down on the inflammation if there is any. This will help with the inflammation continuing to hurt the melanocytes and preventing their migration into the skin areas.

Consulting a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon would be something that I would recommend. We specialize in the face and are highly qualified to help you with this.

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Hypopigementation after peels or laser is permanent

Unfortunately hypopigmentation is a permanent side effect of many lasers and chemical peels and there is no way to restore the pigment. The treatment, instead, relies on lightening the area around the hypopigmented spot to produce a more natural transition.

D.J. Verret, MD
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