How Much Does a Hydrafacial Cost?

How Much Does a Hydrafacial Cost?

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The cost of facial depends on the clinic and facial treatment type, e.g. simple facial, SilkPeel, Oxygen Facial, etc.  At our clinic, the cost ranges around ~$100-$300.

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Cost of facials

Facials are usually customized by office, including the hydrafacial or Silkpeel, and prices will depend on what's being used, the knowledge and experience of the staff, if a physician is involved, etc. Additionally, the length of time for treatments will vary from office to office. And finally, the location of the office will change the price too, i.e, in general places like Beverly Hills or New York will have higher prices than say Kansas. With all of that being said, most offices charge $125-$175 for a single treatment.

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