Can CoolSculpting be done on legs/calves?

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Coolsculpting on legs/calves?

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the legs or caves are not areas that can be treated with CoolSculpting. If you have concerns, you can try speaking to a board certified plastic surgeon to explore other possible options. Regards,

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Can CoolSculpting be done on legs/calves?

Hi and thanks for your question. The FDA has not approved coolsculpting for treatment on the legs or calves at this time.

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CoolSculpting and the calves

CoolSculpting has not been FDA approved for the calves.  Liposuction may be an option for you.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for other options.

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CoolSculpting vs Liposuction

For shaping of the calf area I choose liposuction to provide the beast and most consistent results.  There is not enough tissue to treat with a Coolsculpting applicator in these areas typically.

Cool Sculpting for Legs and calves

Hello and thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, CoolSculpting for calves is not FDA approved, but the inner and outer thigh treatments are approved. The outer and inner thigh treatments can produce some amazing results, but if anything else is suggested or recommended such as calves or top of the knee, those are classified as "off label use". Best Wishes. 

Can CoolSculpting be done on legs/calves?

It is possible that CoolSculpting could be performed on the calves, but an exam would be needed to determine if someone might be a good candidate for the procedure.  Treating the calves would be considered an off-label treatment area and the exam would be needed to determine the amount of fat versus muscle in the area.  CoolSculpting will only affect the fat and not the muscle.  

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