Hybrid Tummy Tuck Cost?

How much does a Hybird Tummy Tuck cost? Where can it be done?

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Hybrid tummy tuck (R)

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A hybrid tummy tuck is a tummy tuck where a full tightening of the deep fascia is performed, all the way up to the xiphoid. A small amount of skin is removed from the lower abdomen.

This differs fundamentally from a mini tuck, in which the fascia is only tightened up to the umbilicus.

The advantages of a hybrid tummy tuck in the right patient are that the bulge from children is usually large and extends well above the umbilicus. A mini tuck alone leaves the bulge above the umbilicus to continue to bulge out. A hybrid tummy tuck fixes this problem.

It is harder to perform a hybrid tummy tuck because special instruments are required to "see" beyond the umbilicus and tighten the fascia there. These are called bariatric and endoscopic instruments.

The hybrid tummy tuck was originated in this office.

The average cost for a hybrid tummy tuck is about $12,500.

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There are two basic types of tummy tucks: mini and full. The type that you need will dictate the price. A mini is for the area below your belly button and a full is for both above and below your belly button. A mini is $5800 and a full is $8000. These prices include all fees (surgical facility, surgeon's fees, anesthesia, all appointments). At my practice in Toronto, Ontario, the price also includes scar therapy and a compression garment. Medications are separate.

Hybrid tummy tuck??

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First you must ask yourself what is a hybrid tummy tuck? And am I a good candidate for it.

A hybrid tummy tuck is really no different than a mini tummy tuck, where ideally the muscle plication is what is done, and minimal skin removal. The hybrid name is just a trademark by one surgeon.

So if you think you have only a bulge and not much or any loose skin, which is rare, then you are a candidate for a mini tummy tuck. Every board certified plastic surgeon can and will perform a mini tummy tuck if you are a candidate for it.

Good luck.

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