Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Temporary Breast Enlargement?

Can hyaluronic acid or saline be used for temporary breast enlargment?

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Temprary breast enhancement, Saline injections into breasts

Yes, I do that but not with hyaluronic acid type filler for it would cost too much but I use saline that I slowly inject into the breast as an office visit procedure. I fill the breasts up to whatever size the patient wishes. This slowly does disappear over a day or so but gives the patient an idea of what she will look like as well as maybe even helps her fill out her wedding dress for that special day! My patients like it and I get a better idea of what size implant they would prefer. I have been doing the same for cheek and chin implants for many years.

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Hyaluronic acid for breast enlargement not just yet

Hyaluronic acid is currently being investigated as a possible alternative to breast implants, but is not approved for general use as of yet.

Saline injected into the breast would absorb very quickly and would not be effective.

Jeffrey Horowitz, MD
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