Are Your Bottom Teeth Suppose to Hit Your Crowns? And Do the Crown Suppose to Cove the Entire Tooth? (photo)

I recently got 4 crowns on my front teeth, I am regretting making this choice because I didn't do my research, I guess I used them for my son braces, so I began to ask questions about an cosmectic change for myself, however I am not happy with the look and comfort I still feel sensitivity or my side tooth and right front, also dr showed me where the crown didnt cover my whole tooth for 2 of them but the other 2 teeth are completely covered, my teeth feel bulky and big

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Problem with New Crowns

The sensitivity should go away with time.  Some people have it for only a few days, others may take a few weeks.  But if your tooth was healthy and there wasn't deep decay, cracks or old fillings, then chances of your sensitivity calming down with time are usually pretty good.

It appears that you had a huge gap before your dentist placed the crowns.  He did a nice job of closing the space.  However, if you think the crowns are too thick, then return to your dentist to discuss it.  He may be able to reshape and polish your new crowns more to your satisfaction.

Cosmetic crowns like you have generally should cover the entire front surface of the teeth, but often not necessary to cover the entire surface of the back (tongue) side of your teeth.

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New Cosmetic Change

It appears that you may of had a space between your two front teeth and that is why you decided to make a cosmetic change.  When closing spaces, it is important that the correct amount of teeth are done in order to balance the smile and create teeth that appear to be the correct size.  Otherwise there is a tendency to make the teeth too bulky.  Whether or not the tooth is fully covered or partially covered on the tongue side is not relevant to the esthetic outcome of the case. In fact the more tooth you can save the better.

Peter Rinaldi, DMD
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Crown esthetics

From the photos you have sent, the crowns do look bulky. This can be due to the dentist not removing enough tooth structure to allow for a more esthetic appearance. I am unable to see from the photos where the crowns are not covering your tooth. If it does not effect the cosmetics then not covering the whole tooth can actually be better for gum health and evaluation of the crown as years go by -- making sure there is no recurrent decay at the gumline. Overall the best thing for you to do is to have the crowns redone by a highly trained and experienced cosmetic dentist.

Ana Brightleaf, DMD
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