Scar Revision / Re-positioning and/or Infra-mammary Fold Elevation? (photos)

6 wks post UBL, explantation of 670cc's, (36FF to 36DD/D), I have good nipple sensitivity, my infra-mammary scars are high & my nipples are high too. I am still early in the healing process and I have no unreasonable expectations. I have discussed with my surgeon that at the 6 mo mark we begin "scar revision" in office with a local to "lower the nipples and the scars". Are we talking about just stretching my skin lower thus pulling the nipples down as well, or do I need a fold elevation?

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Revision surgery

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Thanks for your question and photos.
It seems like you are healing well.
You are still too early to determine the exact nature of your revision surgery.  
It seems like you are having a good open communication with your plastic surgeon.
Please talk with him/her regarding the revision in 6 months.
Best wishes.

Fold correction

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based on the photos I doubt this will get better - only worse. I would put you in an underwire bra for a few months and reassess but most likely will need fold correction. sometimes these can be done under local but more likely general anesthesia is needed as you will need opening of the capsule superiorly as well as tightening inferiorly. most of these cases I use seri silk for added support

Jason Pozner, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Scar Revision / Re-positioning and/or Infra-mammary Fold Elevation?

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs. It sounds as if your treatment plan with your surgeon is appropriate, and as you are recently out from surgery, ultimate treatment will depend on how your breasts heal and skin contracts after the explantation of your implants.  Hang in there and at 6 months you should be able to identify the best revision procedure.  

Healing from explantation

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It appears that you and your surgeon are taking a prudent, conservative approach.  This is often difficult to do, but certainly always best.  You (and we) will have a much better idea of what will be the best plan when you have healed further (as you have planned with your surgeon).  At this point, I think it is too difficult to determine what would be the best approach.  The options will depend upon how your tissue contracts and your aesthetic goals at that time.  Best of luck and do your best to continue to be patient and stick with the plan.  

It will depend on how everything looks at time of revision

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You are yet evolving from your surgery  Things will settle at six month mark.  Your final result at six months will determine the nature of surgery required by you. There is no point is guessing at this time.

Breast plan

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Thanks for your inquiry, I have a good regard for how your surgeon is approaching your staged revision.  If you were my patient I am unsure I could do want you will need under local , but keep an open mind to your surgeon's advise.  Good Luck.

Scar Revision / Re-positioning and/or Infra-mammary Fold Elevation?

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Sounds like you are in good hands.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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