Has anyone experienced frequent bowels movements after having CoolSculpting done?

Having more bowel movements than my regular 1 or 2 per day. Does this means the my body is getting rid of the fat cells at a quicker pace?

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Coolscultping and Bowel Movements

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Bowel movements are not caused by coolscultping and the treatment.  I suggest you speak to your general physician.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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More BMs with fat cell elimination after Coolsculpting

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I have added a link that might be helpful...

Hi.  I have had a patient experience the same after her CS treatment to her abdomen.  It resolved spontaneously, did not cause any problems and she had a nice result in general.  She felt that it contributed to some desired weight loss.  It did not happen with subsequent cycles of CS. Hope this helps- best wishes,

Coolsculpting question

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Hi Glenda,

It is very unlikely that your increase in number of bowel movements is related to the Coolsculpting procedure. From what I understand, the fat does not leave through the lower GI tract (the poop shoot), but instead gets absorbed through the lymphatics. Sometimes a change in your diet (such as an increase in fiber) can increase the number of bowel movements. If it persists, or becomes worrisome, you should address it with your primary care doctor. 

Hope this helps! 

Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce, MD, MS
Austin Dermatologic Surgeon

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Has anyone experienced frequent bowels movements after having CoolSculpting done?

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Thank you for your question. This is not usually common. If it persists, I would recommend speaking to your physician. Regards,

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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