5 weeks post airsculpt lipo of full abdomen, flanks, lower back-why am I getting bigger? (photos)

36mother of 2-both C secs-did full trunk airsculpt lipo 5 weeks ago. Had over 2000 cc removed. Was thrilled about Day 2 & 1-2 weeks results! Stopped wearing garment at 4 weeks per doc, but now I feel like I'm getting bigger-especially in lower ab area. I've been watching diet, walking 20-30 min on treadmill everyday since day after procedure. Lower abs & most back feels hard, still has little bit of numbness & soreness. Is it still swelling at this point? Will I ever go back to Day 2 results?

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5 weeks post lipo swelling

I am very familiar with both Vaser ( ultrasound Lipo) and Laser lipo (Alma Lasers LipoLife) but not with  airsculpt. However, it is usual for liposuction to result in swelling that can last up to around 6-8 weeks. I cannot comment on airsculpt as I am uncertain as to the extent of the trauma created within the fat layer with  this technique. In addition, areas of hardness are common early on with all forms of lipo. These areas will usually disappear from about 3-4 months postop. Finally, pain and numbness can persist for a while especially if the underlying abdominal muscles are a bit bruised. I do think it likely that your abdomen will flatten but would also recommend undergoing an ultrasound scan to make sure that there is nothing "else going on".

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Post Laser Liposuction--Swelling, bruising, irregularities

All of the symptoms you are expressing are completely normal during the recovery process of 5 weeks. Laser lipo is less invasive. Although, it still takes time to see final results. Please consult with your treating physician for his/her protocol post-surgery. If the swelling/bruising and any irregularities persist and you do not see any reduction in swelling I suggest hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, lymphatic massage drainage therapy and follow up with regular exercise and having a routine healthy diet. Best, Dr. Berger

Andre Berger, MD
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