It's a Small pea size bump under the skin one week after breast implant- what is it?

Hi. I am a week Post op. I felt a small bump on my upper side breast. It's as a pea size probably smaller. It does not move out of place, nor it hurts. what could it be and is it normal. It feels right underneath my skin. Its just bothering me to know its there and i dont know what it is. A tendone? Part of the implant? I had under the muscle 425 cc on that breast because it was smaller. Thank u Oh its not visible, if i run my hand to massage its not there. I have to press around to find it.

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Bumps after augmentation

There are many possibilities here ranging from completely benign and self-limited to bad things.  Best to see your surgeon who can evaluate it and appreciate where it is and follow it up to make sure it isn't getting larger or need to be removed/biopsied.

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See your plastic surgeon for small pea-sized lump soon after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  The most likely explanation is a syndrome called Mondors syndrome which is a small blood clot in a vessel.  It is generally self-limited and not dangerous however it is important that you consult a plastic surgeon who performed your breast augmentation.

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