Does Botox Work on Horizontal Forehead Creases?

I am 38 years old. I am desperate to find a non-invasive procedure to help reduce the lines going accross my forehead. I have four (two are very small) but am very depressed about how old I feel I look because of them. Does Botox work on this type of crease?

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Botox or Juvederm Work Well For Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles

Minute doses of precise Botox works very well for forehead lines.  The level of the eyebrows needs to be checked as too much weakening of the muscle can cause eyebrow, or eyelid skin droop.  Small doses of Botox over multiple areas is very verry effective.  Eyebrow balance is necessary, and to prevent droop, Botox may need to be given to the crows feet, or eyebrow area.  In certian cases the best choice is direct filling of the forehead lines with Juvederm, as this does not impact the eyebrow position. 

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Botox is fantastic for forehead lines but consider skin care too

Botox treatment for dynamic wrinkles on the forehead is a great option for achieving a more youthful and relaxed appearance.

Another thing to consider is skin care. Products like Retin-A and alpha hydroxy acids help the skin to turn over more rapidly, thereby improving skin quality. They help reduce finer wrinkles and take the edge off of deeper wrinkles.

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Botox works Amazing for Forehead Lines!

Botox works amazing for those forehead creases. Some patients with deep forehead lines at rest, will benefit from a combination of Botox and HA fillers to give them an even better result! Belotero is my preferred filler to combine with Botox for those edge lines that are too deep just for Botox. Hope this was helpful. Good luck!

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Botox on Horizontal Forehead Creases

Absolutely nothing to be depressed about, over time, each one of us will get visible lines and wrinkles on areas like our face, neck, the backs of our hands, and décolletage; they’re a natural part of the aging process. But our philosophy is: the earlier you start treating these visible signs of aging, the less pronounced they’ll be—and the younger you’ll look…for longer (and the more confident you’ll feel).
We can reduce and prevent these facial expression lines, especially the horizontal lines by treating the muscles through injectables like Botox in the most natural-looking way.

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Botox works beautifully for transverse forehead rhytids...

Botox works beautifully for transverse forehead rhytids - brow wrinkes.

You should be treated by a qualified injector; I would suggest a plastic surgeon, as they generally understand facial muscle anatomy better than other providers.

You can expect the result to last 3-5 months, and then a retreatment will be needed if you like the result and wish it to continue. It should cost you about $400-500 per session, depending on where you are treated and by whom.

Scott Sattler MD FACS

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Botox Works for Forehead Wrinkles

Yes, the horizontal forehead creases can be treated by Botox. It can be combined with dermal fillers for the best outcome. The forehead is one of the areas most commonly treated with Botox. Botox can be very effective to soften the horizontal lines of the face.  

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Botox is a common treatment for horizontal forehead creases.

Yes, the horizontal forehead creases are a common site to treat with Botox. For deeper forehead lines, consider Botox in combination with dermal fillers, laser resurfacing, and skin care with retinol

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Yes, Botox is often used to treat horizontal creases on the forehead.

Yes, Botox is often used to treat horizontal creases on the forehead. This is one of the main 3 areas that Botox is considered best for, the other two being frown lines and crow’s feet. Make sure you see an experienced, board-certified dermatologist for your Botox treatment in order to get the best, most natural looking results.

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Yes, Botox can be a great way to reduce forehead lines in appropriate candidates.

Yes, Botox can be a great way to reduce forehead lines in appropriate candidates. The forehead is one of the areas most commonly treated with Botox. It’s important to see a skilled, board-certified dermatologist for injection, as incorrect placement in the forehead can result in a drooping brow. When done correctly, however, many patients see a vast improvement in their forehead lines.

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Botox is Great for forehead wrinkles

Botox is idea for forehead wrinkles but it may not always take away all of the fine lines that are part of the skin.  Balancing the muscles of the forehead with selective and artfully placed Botox will calm the wrinkles. Add proper skin care products and facials to enhance the quality of your skin.  Use a reflective sun block daily to prevent solar damage to the skin and complement these products with a healthy diet and exercise regime.  

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