Horizontal Enlargement of Eyes? (photo)

In my specific case, how can I horizontally enlarge my eyes in order to achieve an almond shape ? I have read a lot, a lot, a lot on this topic and am more confused than ever. Lateral canthoplasty? Slight Ptosis?? Also, from a side view, I am concerned with the bulge below my eyes. Can this be filled with injection? I have now recieved micro-droplets of Volbella there. My doctor didn't want to inject too much. So then what is the main problem there? Too much muscle?

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Horizontal enlargement of the eyes

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 In light of the fact there is no scleral show and the eyes appear normal shaped, there is no need for a canthopexy.   You do not have ptosis and do not need a blepharoplasty. Leave well enough alone.

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Fillers for lower eyelids

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In regards to the shape of your eyes, you can definitely make a change BUT not for the better!  Trying to alter the shape of your eyes can make things appear not natural so I do not recommend it. In regards to your lower eyelid area, you have some hollowness which can be improved with filler injections. See an oculoplastic specialist.

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Creating Almond Eyes

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The only way to change the shape of the eye is to change the tightness of the support system of the eyelids. This requires a canthoplasty or canthopexy. You could probably get by with a canthopexy as you appear to need very little movement. The only way to  determine what you need is a consult with someone with significant experience in eyelid surgery.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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