Can a Positive Canthal Tilt Be Achieved? (photo)

I have a really negative canthal tilt (which is rather unaesthetic). And it is somewhat asymmetrical. My question is whether or not a positive or even neutral position of the eyes can be achieved through surgical means. I have heard that such procedures as a canthoplasty and or upper eyelid surgery can achieve this. But have been unable to find much information on the matter (or surgeons that even offer this kind of procedure). Thank you for your consideration.

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Canthal Tilt

In order to offer you specific advice, I would have to examine you and assess your entire face (full face picture). Without that ability, I will simply say that in general, the appearance of your eyes can be altered so that the canthal tilt appears more positive.  A lateral canthoplasty is one way of achieving this, although it will alter your facial appearance significantly.  You should speak with an experienced plastic surgeon prior to proceeding with such a procedure.

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