Treacher Collins Syndrome. Second Opinion on Treatment? (photo)

Hello i've had an appointment with ps today. He told me i have treacher collins syndrome (anti mongoloid slant downward eyes) and i need a canthoplasty and malar fillers to make the area below the eye look fuller. He says i dont need a blepharoplasty but what about the dark circles under the eyes that i have under the eyes?shouldnt it be addressed?are there any more improvements you can advise? He also says that i dont have eyelid ptosis even if they eyes look assymetric. thanks in advance

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Infraorbital Rim-Malar Implants and Lateral Canthoplasty in Treacher-Collins Facies

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In addition to a lateral canthoplasty procedure, you would be served best by the placement of infraorbital rim-malar implants. The eyes slant down and the dark circles are present because the underlying cheek bones and rim of the eye socket are weak or underdeveloped, a well known problem in Treacher-Collins syndrome...although your case is very mild. The implants will also give good support to the eyelid resuspension procedure.

What's the diagnosis?

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I have seen many people with TC Syndrome and they look much worse than you do.  Of course, there are a spectrum of results in all syndromes but if you do have TCS it is very mild.  I'd sugest you go to a true craniofacial surgeon for a proper evaluation before doing anything.  Good luck.

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