I Have One Crooked Tooth in Front on Top, Would Invisalign Help? (photo)

I really don't want to get a full mouth of metal braces for one tooth that isn't that bad. But, I also want to feel comfortable smiling for pictures when my graduation day come, which is just a few months away!

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There are great options for invisible orthodontic treatment

For correction of a turned front tooth, Invisalign can work quite well.  However considering the time it takes to make the appliances, it is unlikely the treamtent will be anywhere near completion by your graduation. Another way to address this is by using Incognito braces.  These are on the back of the teeth and are quite effective at producing movements that are sometimes difficult with Invisalign. Your treatment can be progressing during and after your graduation with no one seeing any braces! I suggest visiting an orthodontist who has expertise in both of these methods. 

Atlanta Orthodontist
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One tooth

Your photo is a little hard to diagnose from.  Realize that if they are going to fit those two teeth into the arch that they will have to sand them down.  I would suggest you get a few opinions and ask a lot of questions.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Invisalign, orthodontics

Invisalign just another way of moving teeth. The biggest advantage its that the aligners can be removed for photos. You might be cutting it very close. However, if you start now the teeth might be straight enough for you to feel more confident.

Zev Kaufman, DDS
New York Prosthodontist

Invisalign for my front tooth

The picture that you show is a little small but from what I can see you would be a good candidate for invisalign.  I would see a local dentist who is trained in providing invisalign and see what your options are.  My only concern is that you said you were graduating in  a few months and that may be too short for invisalign to work.  Good luck

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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