Is It Possible to Get Hernia After Tummy Tuck?

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Hernia after a tummy tuck

It is possible to get a hernia after a tummy tuck, though the muscle repair often will strengthen the tissue around the belly button, especially if thinned and stretched during pregnancy. Women don't get many lower or inguinal hernias though with the very heavy lift and strain this might be possible too. In short, the tummy tuck can help strengthen, though you are still not invincible.

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Hernia after tummy tuck?

Yes, it is possible to get a hernia before and after tummy tuck. Tummy tuck does not make someone immune to the possibility of hernia.  However, a tummy tuck cannot be the cause of a hernia unless the muscle tighenting sutures somehow tear away or weakens the muscles or muscle-casings enough to allow a hernia to develop. this is uncommon. Also, belly button hernias even if fixed at the time of tummy tuck can come back after the repair. I hope this helps.

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Hernia after tummy tuck?

The presence of a abdominal bulge after tummy tuck can have several causes.  A hernia may have been present prior to the tummy tuck and only became obvious after the skin and fat excess were corrected.  A defect in the fascia (and hernia) could arise if the fascia was damaged during the elevation of the abdominal skin.  This is more likely to occur if there was scarring between the skin and muscle, typically from previous surgery..  A relative laxity in fascia will give the appearance of a hernia, and can occur if fascial plication fails in a localized area.  This can occur from suture/knot failure, or because the fascia itself is weak. 
Your surgeon will review your medical history and findings at surgery, and if necessary order a CT scan/MRI to help in explaining a bulge after tummy tuck.

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Hernia after Tummy Tuck?

Thank you for the question.

Yes, it is possible to develop a hernia after tummy tuck surgery. If you are concerned about this occurrence you should be examined by a physician.  If abdominal wall plication  was done at the time of tummy tuck surgery, then relaxation of the “muscle repair” may also be a source of “bulging” of the abdominal wall.

If in doubt,  examination by your plastic surgeon and/or CT scan imaging may be necessary.

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Hernia after Tummy Tuck?

To answer your question we would need a lot more information. A hernia is the pooching of tissues which belong in one part of the body into another part where they do not belong. (in an inguinal or femoral (groin) hernia abdominal contents push into the groin and thigh. In a umbilical hernia abdominal contents pooch parallel to to belly button etc). I assume you are asking if after a Tummy Tuck you could still ave either a ventral or umbilical herna (not an inguinal,femoral, hiatal or other hernias). 

A well done muscle repair s is not disrupted should pretty much prevent most ventral hernias in asst cases. However, since the opening of the umbilicus / belly button is left intact, it potentially can still allow an umbilical hernia to take place. However, ths is not common. 

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Hernia After Tummy Tuck

Yes it is possible to get a hernia following a tummy tuck although if muscle repair was performed it can make you stronger and less prone to one.

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