Why No Bending over After TT?

FIRST PLEASE NOTE an am doing what I'm told by my PS. I see so many moms who have FULL TT jump into cleaning house. I had FULL TT/BL/BA no lipo. I was told no vacuuming ect. ok I understand. But he said if I see something on the ground LEAVE IT!! I just want to understand why? I am at 13 days Post op. drains out day 6 and I feel good just tire easy. And there was a day of coughing OUCH!But no bending at the waist, hips ect to pickup say a washrag I droped? WHY? can you explain for me and others?

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Tummy Tuck Recovery?

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I am not sure why your plastic surgeon has advised you not to bend over; it is probably related to concerns for your comfort. I actually asked my patients to stay bent to some degree ( often with the help of a walker).  This position ( as opposed to fully straight) helps to keep tension off the incision line.

I would suggest that you ask your plastic surgeon the rationale behind his  Instructions.

Best wishes.

Why no bending over after tummy tuck?

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Good question. I see no problem bending over, I donot want mypatients to bend over backwards this would place more tension on the suture line. I would suggest lowering yourself to pick up things from the floor, it's easier.

Position after tummy tuck

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All plastic surgeons differ slightly in regards to post-operative care/instruction.  For my patients, they are instructed to avoid any heavy lifting (over 10lbs) or straining.  They are also asked to bend at their waist for 7-14 days. Unless you are bending to lift a heavy object, I don't see a reason why you cannot bend over.  It is best to ask your plastic surgeon.

Bending after Tummy Tuck

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The best answer I can give you is to ask your surgeon the reason. Only he or she knows exactly the specifics of what your surgery  was and the reasons for your post-op instructions. In general most patients right after a tummy tuck are too sore and stiff to bend over but I tell my patients that if it doesn't hurt, they can do it--whether it is bending over or reaching or lifting or whatever they want.  And gradually they are able to increase their activity level. But not all patients recuperate at the same rate and it sounds like you are doing exceptionally well so check with your surgeon about what is best for your recuperation.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

No bending over

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I would have to say your plastic surgeon wants you to be careful and to limit your activities at home.  Once patients start to feel good they have a tendency to do too much and there are certain movements that could cause pain or potentially hurt some the the work that was done at surgery.

A set back during the recovery phase is truly a set back and most of my patients have a definite time frame for having the surgery and getting back to work or tending to their house and family and a set back will certainly adversely affect that.

You will have to ask your plastic surgeon to be sure. Good luck, it sounds as though you are doing just fine.

Ralph R. Garramone, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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