Normal for Lumps and Numbness to Remain 16 Weeks After Lipo?

Hard stomach, numbness and hard and soft lumps remain 16 weeks after lipo. Is it normal to have stomach remain hard and numb and for soft and hard lumps to remain after this much time?

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Common For Lumps and Numbness To Remain 16 Weeks After Liposuction

Numbness, firmness and swelling can last for several months. Ask your surgeon if it's okay to massage your flanks and abdomen. Massage will help to decrease the swelling faster and to smooth out any irregularities. You can massage each area in all directions using your hands, or, a soft paint roller. Massage should be done once or twice a day for up to 20 minutes. 

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Lumps and numbness after liposuction

Many people derive the maximum benefit from liposuction six months after the procedure. Numb areas could take more than a year to resolve but may last indefinitely.  Hard areas may continue to resolve, but massage, warm compresses, and treatments with external ultrasound or Endermologie or Velashape may improve these areas.  If there has been excessive collagen produced or some blood that solidified, then corticosteroids may help. See your surgeon to ask what procedures can be done to improve your result.

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No lumps after good liposuction.


It sounds like you have a complication after liposuction.  At four months, you are seeing the final result, and there should be no lumps.  Lumps are either fat left behind, or internal scar tissue, or collections of fluid (seromas).  Perhaps you should get another opinion.

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Lumps and numbness to remain 16 weeks after lipo

It is a rare event but can occur. Deep lymphatic massages during the EARLY healing time could have helped. But now maybe ultrasound treatments, or just more time.

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Lumps and numbness are not normal 4 months after lipo

Lumpiness and numbness are known occurences after lipo, though I very rarely see them after traditional techniques. On the other hand, I often see patients who have had a laser lipo procedure who come in with these problems seeking revision. It seems to be most common when the laser lipo is done where there was some looseness to the skin or a very large volume was removed. I wish I had better news, but correcting these problems can be very difficult. There is still some potential for improvement with time however.

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This must have been one heck of a liposuction

What you are describing is the direct result of surgical trauma that occurs with liposuction.  Most of this will completely resolve.  Typically with tumescent liposuction it has all resolved by 4 months.  However, with particularly traumatic liposuctions, it really can take much longer.  I would encourage you to speak directly with your surgeon and listen to their opinion.  Only they know how much trauma was done in the process of your liposuction.  The good news is that most if not all of the things you are describing go away in time.

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Numbness After 16 Weeks

Numbness and lumps can last for several months following lipsuction. You should follow up with your surgeon to get their advise and opinion.

Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD
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