Liposuction or Mesotherapy After Kidney Transplant?

I had a kidney transplant in Nov and everything is going great. Before the transplant, and now after I have a big flabby pouch of fat/skin/scar tissue on m lower abs. Is it possible or safe to have either smartlipo or lipo dissolve in the area since that where my kidney is? im only 6lbs away from the weight my docs want me to be at. I would hate for my vanity to hurt my kidney so any help would be appreciated.

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Liposuction after kidney transplant or mesotherapy

I have no knowledge of how the chemicals that are injected in mesotherapy are metabolized. If they rely on the kidney to process the material then you may wish to reconsider that treatment Furthermore, mesotherapy is not considered a conventional treatment and you would not want to risk your new kidney in any way.  The medicines you take to minimize the chance of rejection of the new kidney might make you more prone to infections and liposuction is a surgical procedure that has a very good safety profile but infections are not guaranteed not to occur. Your nephrologist should be consulted, even though most of the anesthetic in pure tumescent liposuction is metabolized by the liver, not kidney.

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Liposuction VS Mesotherapy in the Immunosuppressed Patient

To allow for your new kidney to continue functioning, your body's immune system must be medically suppressed to prevent a rejection reaction. Protocols of transplantation immunosuppression have changed over the years and have become more specific but the vast majority are also associated with an impairment of the ability to heal properly and to fight off infection.

As a result, ANY surgery in a person receiving anti-rejection therapy should be approached VERY carefully and this holds triple for operations whose purpose is only to improve appearance not to preserve or improve function.

Mesotherapy is a horrible procedure which has been soundly condemned by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. While simplistic in its assumptions it rarely if ever delivers on its promises and may be associated with defects and injuries which may be hard or impossible to correct. ( and

I would consult with several reputable Plastic surgeons and your nephrologist before making any decision. You must know the risks of such a procedure before having it.

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Let's think about this

Please talk you your nephrologist or internist about this.  Remember, you are immunosuppressive drugs.  This means that you may not do as well after liposuction compared to others.  No doubt, a board certified plastic surgeon can figure out how to do this safely for you.  However, is this really wise?  How about spending the money for liposuction on personal training and conditioning.  I suspect a good exercise program will be much healthier for you and accomplish the same reduction in body fat without surgical risk.

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