If I Sleep Face Down, Should I be Concerned About Ruining Results of Dysport?

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Sleeping positions after Dysport

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Within 20 to 90 minutes after it is injected, botulinum neurotoxin type A can be detected inside the motor nerve endings. Therefore the muscles and nerve endings take up the Botox or Dysport very quickly before they can spread far from the injection site. I tell my patients they are free to do anything they choose 1 1/2 hours after their injections. The position in which you sleep will similarly have no adverse effects.

Botox and sleeping position.

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Thank you for your question. I typically focus my aftercare on restricting activities that make you hot, sweaty or flushed: Examples include strenuous activities, alcohol, saunas, hot baths, etc… This will increase your chance of bruising. If no bruising, by the next day, the you should be good to go. If there is, then I recommend another day to make sure the bruise is not getting worse. I am not as worried about the not laying down after four hours or the sleeping position.

Sleeping face down

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Sleeping face down will not alter any results from Dysport, I just recommend not laying down for about four hours after the treatment.

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We always discourage patients from engaging in strenuous activity and/or massaging the treated area whether it is Botox or Dysport that they were treated with.  We do not want to encourage the ability for the Dysport to disperse into areas that were not intended for treatment. 

Sleeping face down

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The one thing that we tell every patient following injections of Botox, Dysport, etc. is that you need to be careful bending over for the first four hours. This is due to not wanting the substance to disperse into areas that may be detrimental. Once the liquid is absorbed into the muscle, there is not much you can do to alter the results. If you really sleep face down into the pillow, I would certainly get the injection in the morning, to maximize the time for the toxin to be absorbed. I hope this helps.take care

Jeffrey Adelglass, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Sleeping on Dysport injected area

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   In my experience, Sleeping face down should not effect the results of dysport. However I recommend all of my patients to refrain from rubbing or messaging the dysport injected areas for the first 24 hours, along with refraining from strenuous activity, or any heavy lifting. The reason for this is to make sure that the dysport does not move to unwanted areas. If dysport moves to an unwanted muscle it has the potential to cause ptosis, which can cause the eyelid to droop. Although the actual potential for these side effects of dysport is highly unlikely, I think it is better to be safe than sorry. That being said, i would advise my patients to not sleep face down for the first night after dysport injections.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Sleeping Position after Dysport?

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Hi Frankie.  Your sleeping position will not affect your Dysport results.  The only recommendation we would make about Dyport and sleeping is not to lie down for about 4 hours after your injections.  This could lead to a higher dispersion (spread) than intended and lead to ptosis (eye lid or brow sagging).  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sleep after Dysport

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Going to sleep face down several hours after injection should not affect your dysport. Sleep as you like but some do recommend( do) not lying down for four hours after injection. 

Sleep in whatever position you'd like

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You can sleep in whatever position you are comfortable. I don't recommend people push or manipulate their faces after Dysport, but other than that you can sleep, exercise, travel, etc.

Sleeping and Dysport

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Sleeping face down will not change or ruin the results from Dysport, but over time, sleeping on your face can cause lines and wrinkles that can't be addressed with Dysport since they are not caused by muscle contraction but rather your skin perhaps folding and being pressed into a position repeatedly.

Be well and sleep well~

Dr. Grant Stevens

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