Fixing uneven breasts? What kind of surgery? Cost? Payment plans? (Photo)

Since I was 16 one breast grew and the other did not. I have a nice perky A cup and a more saggier D+ cup. This has made me very insecure with wearing clothes, sex, everything, i wear tight bras to hide it , they cut me and i have scars. I cant wear anything tight or loose because you can tell, family, friends, and strangers have joked around about it. What can i do? Im not rich, i have a job, any advice will help. Ive thought about suicide before, thats how bad it is. I just wanna be happy.

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Correcting breast asymmetry

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Thank you for your question about your breast asymmetry.

Please, please do not consider suicide -
Start with calling a suicide hot line if you ever, ever feel that bad.
It sounds as though your friends and family are part of the problem.
Look for a support group to get you through this. -

Breast surgery can definitely reshape your larger, droopier breast to correct this.
Please consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon - and if you have health insurance, look for one in your insurance network.
it is possible (don't count on it) that insurance may pay for part of the surgery.
There are financing services as well to make surgery possible.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Asymmetrical breasts.

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There are several options to improve breast symmetry.  It is possible to do a breast lift and remove some tissue from the larger breast, do a lift plus implants with different sized implants, etc.  If this is a major concern for you, I would suggest having a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Smile and be happy, breast symmetry can be achieved

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If you are contemplating suicide see a doctor right away or go to your local emergency room. Weather you get your breast fixed or not you are still a beautiful woman. Almost everyone has asymmetry of the breasts, albeit yours are a little more off then the average, hence plastic surgery can fix it. Easiest way is to reduce and lift your right breast, that can be done in office for less then 5000.00. The Vectra 3 dimensional imaging machine may help you visualize the result you would like. Good luck and keep smiling...

Breast asymmetry

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Hi... Thank you for the question and photos..... Generally breast asymmetry is corrected with breast Mastopexy and implants.... This will give you the happiness you are looking for

Luis A. Mejia, MD
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Breast asymmetry

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Thank you for your question, and for posting your photo.  Fortunately, your problem is fixable, and a beautiful result is indeed possible.  As the left breast has quite a nice shape already, the simplest option would be a reduction on the right side to symmetrize, ideally via a vertical scar technique.  If you'd prefer a larger breast, an augmentation on the left, coupled with a lift (mastopexy) on the right, would work well.  Good luck to you!

Several options for creating symmetry of asymmetrical breasts.

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If you like the size of the left breast a right breast reduction alone will create good symmetry. If you want the left breast to be larger a combination of breast augmentation on the left side and mastopexy on the right side would also be a consideration.

Breast surgery costs and payment plan options

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Typically, your surgeon's office will suggest financing through a company like Alphaeon or CareCredit. Both plans offer six month financing without any interest fees. Good luck.

Payment plans for asymmetric breasts

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Care Credit, Alpheon Credit, and credit cards in general will allow you to make payments to pay off the loan. Each has different arrangements and rates based on your credit. Paying up front saves money in the long run for most.

Fixing Uneven Breasts

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Greetings. A consultation with a plastic surgeon would help to determine what procedure(s) would be suited for you.  A lift could be recommended. Best wishes.

Improving symmetry

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It is quite possible to better balance the two breasts.  The lower larger one can be lifted and possibly reduced. The smaller one will likely need an augmentation.  Best of luck.

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