Roughly what cup size would I get with 625cc HP silicone implants on a 176cm broad frame? (Photo)

Hi, I recently had a consultation and the PS told me I am border line needing a lift and the minimum size I could go would be 550cc which would be roughly a DD. I feel like the implant looked small and he then said I could go up to 625cc easily and would require no lift with this option. I'm just trying to figure out how this works, as I cannot imagine it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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Implant selection

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Implants are chosen based upon your anatomy and the overall volume you are trying to achieve.  It is hard to say without an exam and discussion.

Roughly what cup size would I get with 625cc HP silicone implants on a 176cm broad frame?

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Size and shape of breasts can often play a critical role in a woman’s self-esteem. Fuller and bigger breasts are often associated with reproducibility therefore it is a desired condition. There are different kinds of breast augmentation operation types. Breast augmentation can be performed either with breast implants or autologous fat transfer. There are also different types of breast implants like teardrop or round implants. These implants also can be placed under or above the muscle. As you can imagine there are several different options for breast augmentation. The best way to understand which one is more suitable for you is to get a physical examination by a plastic surgeon.

It is important for you to understand that you don’t always need a breast implant for breast augmentation. As it was also mentioned above you can also get bigger and natural breasts with Cihantimur Fat Transfer method. In this method we use own fat tissue of the patient in order to increase the size of the breast. Since this tissue is your own tissue there is no risk for any adverse effects. It is safe and fast operation that yields natural results without any incision.

Breast lift with implant

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Hello and thank you for your question. You are a great candidate for a breast lift with an implant.  The lift is helpful to obtain the best shape because your nipples are below your inframammary fold.  Larger implant and/or dual plane technique can help lift the breast to some degree but will not be enough in your situation based on these photographs.  The size of the implant is based on your desired breast size/shape, your chest wall measurements, and soft tissue quality.  This decision should be based on a detailed discussion with equal input from both you and your surgeon.   Make sure you specifically look at before and after pictures of real patients who have had this surgery performed by your surgeon and evaluate their results.   The most important aspect is to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. I recommend that you seek consultation with a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you in person.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
Harvard-trained plastic surgeon

Breasts augmentation with mini lift

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Dear Fab,

    Thanks for submitting your pictures. From observing your pictures you appear to be A cup size with level 2 ptosis and moderately large areolas.

     I have in practice for over 29 years and performed breasts augmentation on thousands of patients. Based on that experience and your pictures, I can tell you that it will be quite risky for you to have breasts augmentation alone without mini lift (donut, Benneli). You might end up with double bubble if the fold does  not stretch (unpredictable) as your surgeon will have to lower the fold significantly in order to create the appearance of perkiness. Additionally, it will position your breasts quite low on the chest , which is unattractive. The mini lift will give you beautiful, perky and youthful breasts with smaller and more attractive areolas. 

   As far as implants size selection, you did not provide your chest circumference measurement in inches, which is critical for the correct implant size selection according to your desire. Let's assume that you are 34 A cup. To become 34 DD, you will need implants with volume of 600 cc.

   Always, consult with experience board certified plastic surgeons who operate in accredited surgery center for your safety. Most importantly, check the before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive with nice cleavage, perky, symmetrical and natural looking.

                           Best of luck,

                                            Dr Widder

Roughly what cup size would I get with 625cc HP silicone implants on a 176cm broad frame?

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Thank you for your question.  An interpersonal examination is necessary to give you a proper answer.  However based on your photograph your nipple appears to be below the inframammary crease and this will require a breast lift in addition to implants placed under the muscle. Generally speaking when I combine a breast lift with implants I try not to go over 350 cc for fear that larger implants will interfere with blood supply to the nipple areola.  To understand why this is necessary please read the following link:

Roughly what cup size would I get with 625cc HP silicone implants on a 176cm broad frame?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Depending on your desired appearance, the best enhancement would be obtained through placement of both implants and a lift in the same operation.  The implant will help restore your lost breast volume, while the lift will help position your natural breast tissue over the new implant, while also removing excess skin and elevating your nipple and areola into a more youthful position.  Because there is no direct correlation between a particular implant cc amount and breast cup size it is best to try on different sizers to have a better representation as to what looks best on your frame, but I would not recommend choosing a larger size in order to achieve more of a lift as the heavier implant will quickly cause recurrent sagging. Hope this helps.

Roughly what cup size would I get with 625cc HP silicone implants on a 176cm broad frame?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.  Although definitive advice would require in person evaluation, based on the photographs, I would have concerns that breast lifting would be helpful , in addition to breast augmentation surgery.  This is a topic you may want to address with your chosen plastic surgeon. In other words, it will be important that you consider your goals carefully and make sure that you will be pleased with the results of breast augmentation surgery done alone.   Also, make sure that you do not use larger breast implants than you feel comfortable with, in order to avoid breast lifting surgery.

There is no accurate/reliable/predictable correlation between size/profile breast implant utilized and cup size achieved. Ultimately, careful communication of your goals (in my practice I prefer the use of goal pictures, direct examination/communication in front of a full-length mirror, and computer imaging) will be critical. 

Generally speaking, the best online advice I can give to ladies who are considering  breast augmentation surgery (regarding breast implant size/profile selection) is:

1. Concentrate on choosing your plastic surgeon carefully.  Concentrate on appropriate training, certification, and the ability of the plastic surgeon to achieve the results you are looking for. ***Ask to see lots of examples of his/her work.

2. Have a full discussion and communication regarding your desired goals  with your plastic surgeon. This communication will be critical in determining  breast implant size/type/profile will most likely help achieve your goals. 

In my practice, the use of photographs of “goal” pictures (and breasts that are too big or too small) is very helpful. I have found that the use of words such as  “natural” or "DD cup” etc means different things to different people and therefore prove unhelpful.

 Also, as you know, cup size varies depending on him who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup  size may also be inaccurate.  Again, the use of computer imaging has been very helpful during the communication process, in our practice.

3.  Once you feel you have communicated your goals clearly,  allow your plastic surgeon to use his/her years of experience/judgment to choose the breast implant size/profile that will best meet your goals.  Again, in my practice, this decision is usually made during surgery,  after the use of temporary intraoperative sizers.

I hope this (and the attached link, dedicated to breast  augmentation surgery concerns) helps. Best wishes. 

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