Hair loss after bleach/extensions. What do I do? Will it ever grow back? (photo)

In 2010 I had gorgeous healthy thick brown hair. By 2011 I dyed my hair platinum blonde. My hair was cut short and I then got micro-link extensions. I continued to have bleach applied to my roots throughout the year. Before I knew my once beautiful hair was all gone. Now I am so fed up with it. I just cut my hair into a pixie. I want my old healthy thick long back. What do I do? Will it ever grow back?

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Hair loss after bleach and extensions

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It's a great question. You might wish to see a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss for a full assessment of damage and changes of regrowth. 

For many individuals, bleach and extensions have a chance to cause traction alopecia, hair shaft damage (breakage) and hair shedding issues. Rarely, a scarring hair loss issue can also develop.  It's absolutely possible to have all 4. 

Without seeing the scalp, one can't predict which (and how many) of these hair loss issues you have and to what extent.  

If the hair shaft is damaged, the damaged hair needs to be cut off and can't simply be repaired. If there is inflammation in the scalp a physician can prescribe various anti-inflammatory treatments.  If there is no scarring, then regrowth generally occurs in 1-2 years. It is essential that woman with hair damage stop further damage - so you'll want to speak to your dermatogist about proper hair care and styling in this recovery period. 

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