Treatment for Hair Birthmark?

I'm a 14-year-old male and I have a birthmark in my hair, on the back of my head. I hate it since it's incredably embarrassing and very noticable. My hair is dark brown an my birthmark is bright blonde. I tried to dye it today for the first time, but it did not work properly for some reason. How can I get this removed? Are there any birthmark removal treatments for this?

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Excision of birthmark

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Excision of the birthmark would be your best option.  I would visit with a plastic surgeon in your area who can take care of this for you.

Treatment for Hair Birthmark?

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Without a doubt the best treatment for this particular birthmark would be excision. Its difficult to tell without examining you, but some tissue expansion ahead of time to allow for a tension-free closure may be necessary. Best to see a Royal College certified plastic surgeon near you for a proper consultation. Best of Luck!

Excision is the optimal method in THIS case....

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First of all you need a diagnosis. This birth mark can be due to absence of pigment or melanocytes in that area. It could represent an area of vitiligo, segmental vitligo, focal hypopigmentation or even a halo naevus (would be unusual for the later if it was present at birth).

Regardless, the logic is this- you can not get pigment back with lasers, hair transplantation can, in theory help (donor site dominance), but the simplest method (apart from dying your hair every few months) is excision. This will remove the offending area and the scar can be hidden quite nicely. A 30 minute op can easily solve this problem...

My thoughts on this subject. 


Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and Cosmetic Dermatologist

Brisbane, Australia. 

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Excision is the cure for your mall.

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Thank you for your question.  There are various ways to remove birthmarks, depending on its etiology.  For example, a birthmark caused due to a vascular problem needs a completely different treatment than a birthmark such as a mole.  More often than not, vascular birthmarks need to have some form of laser treatment.  They can require more, but a laser is generally a minimum.  Other birthmarks such as a mole, can be excised in the office with relative ease.  The size and location will determine the final outcome.  A photograph always helps but there is no substitute for and in person physical examination.  Make sure you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon for the best outcomes.

Treatment for Hair Birthmark

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When you surgically remove a birthmark the different colored hairs that grow through it can be removed at the same time.  Under the care of an experienced physician and hair transplant specialist the birthmark and the discolored hair can be removed.  After the removal the hair can be replaced with the correct color of hair by taking follicles from another section of the head and planting it in the empty follicles.


Birth Marks in Scalp

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Yes your birth mark can be removed along with the different colored hairs that grow though it. This is common surgery for Plastic Surgeons in particular those that treat a large number of children as this is the age they are most often removed.

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