Do you think laser hair removal will help stop my abscess from coming back? This is the 4th time that I have it.

I'm currently have my fourth abscess under my left arm (armpit). I had three surgery already the doctors who did the test on the pus from the abscess say that it is mercer and that I am prone to getting them. I know it comes from cuts, such as shaving for example. But every since my first surgery, I'll wax my underarm (not constantly). When I went to my pediatrician recently, she said that the abscess is probably coming back because of my thick curly hair is growing back in.

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Laser hair removal for hidradenitis

I don't have much experience with this problem but I believe removing the hair with the laser will help this problem. If it is due to ingrown hairs, such as what happens in males and their beards (pseudofolliculitis barbae), it will absolutely help.

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