Gums moving after upper front teeth crowning. Is this normal?

I had my 2 upper front teeth crowned 5 days ago. The middle of my gums that goes over the centre of 2 upper front teeth (that looks like a triangle) seems to move up on certain lip movements (particularly when I twist my upper lip inwards). the gums between 2 front teeth flips up, like it is being pulled by the small piece of the tissue that connects the lip and the gums. Is this normal, and will be resolved as gums heal and tighten, or is this something that needs to be checked by a dentist?

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Worth a visit

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I would encourage you to go back to your dentist and have him/her take a look.   Your dentist will be able to tell you whether this is within the "range of normal" .   Often after dental work, we are much more aware of conditions that we always had.  Only now we are paying attention to them more!

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